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About Roots

“Roots was born from an idea that things could be different. We could be free from any pretension and ego and instead show our humility and appreciation for not only our clients, but also for our community and each other.

Brandan has assembled a team of unique, but like-minded stylists who each bring their own talents and passions to the team. We love music. We love art. We love movies. We love tattoos, fashion, and food.

And we love doing awesome hair.

Come by and hang out. Check out the music and the art. Get excited for change.”

A full service salon and barber shop that inspires personalized style with creativity and passion.

The Salon

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New looks

 Navy Balayage by @leemerson #roots #rootsmontrose
 oh hi neighbor cat! #rootsthesalon #rootsmontrose
 We gladly donate all chopped locks of 8inches+ to @cwhl_org here at ROOTS!! What an amazing organization. Check them out! #donatedhair #childrenwithhairloss #cwhl #rootsmontrose
 Roots proudly donates all chopped mops to @cwhl_org ❤️ #rootsmontrose #chopthemop #ponyexpress